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price-point-323.jpgPricePoint puts you in control of your price protection agreements, while offering your customers the convenience of reviewing and enrolling directly from their computers. PricePoint saves time – no more waiting for mailed contracts to be reviewed, and customers can sign immediately. PricePoint saves money – you don’t have to pay to print and mail contracts to all your customers. PricePoint saves you even more – you can easily adjust pricing to changing market conditions and you can put expiration dates on your clients’ pending contracts, so you won’t get caught with outdated price levels.

PricePoint – at your fingertips

  • Custom portal is developed for your administrators
  • Set contract requirements – Capped, Pre-Pay, Fixed
  • Set gallon requirements – minimums, maximums, percentage of previous years’
  • Set pricing – company wide, by town or by ZIP code
    • Set automatic discount triggers (quantity, etc)
    • Include any administrative fees
  • Set allowable customization ranges (by company representative)
  • Archive PDF versions of completed agreements
  • Track gallons protected
    • Communicate with hedge accounts
  • Set and review custom reports

PricePoint – at their fingertips

  • Customers review your price protection plans on your website, and click to enroll
  • System pulls delivery history and account information
  • Automatically sets pricing:
    • Contract type
    • Recommended gallons
    • Other parameters
  • Customer reviews and digitally signs
  • System directs to payment gateway if needed
  • Contract is completed!

PricePoint – your way

  • PricePoint enrollment process can be customized to your company’s procedures
    • Limit enrollments to office hours
    • Require customer calls to office to activate
    • Lock out new customers
    • Require digital check boxes

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