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 Do I need a new website to use PricePoint?

Absolutely not! PricePoint integrates directly to your website through a custom page or iFrame. If you don’t have a website or are looking to improve your existing site, PriMedia can help.

 Can I offer different contract types?

Yes. PricePoint can accommodate multiple contract types (such as capped, fixed, pre-pay), single charge or per-gallon fees, and tiered pricing structures and discounts.

 Will PricePoint work with my enterprise software?

As long as your software can export data, we can integrate it with PricePoint.

 How will I transmit my data to PricePoint?

You can send the data by secure FTP. The entire process is protected from start to finish. We are set up with multiple redundancies in our operations and file storage systems.

 Who controls access to my data?

The company administrator will grant and limit access to your employees as needed, based on their responsibilities.

 Why is PricePoint better than my old way?

PricePoint gives you more flexibility in pricing to respond to changing conditions, promotes quick response from the customer, and stores digital copies of each contract. You and your customer also receive PDF copies of the completed contract. With PricePoint, you supply the customer information, the client logs in, and PricePoint automatically generates, sends and stores the contracts for you!